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Interview with Gerard and Ingrid

"First and foremost is listening. I like to talk, but I am good at listening to what someone wants. Model building or playing with trains is often a hidden hobby of men in their attic rooms. One likes a spaghetti layout the other rebuilds reality."

Gerrit Zillevolde received a T3 for his 8th birthday. Gerrit: "That's a model steam train, I still have it. It looks like Bello running between Hoorn and Medemblik. By the time I met Ingrid, I was already a serious model train builder. She has always been behind me. Without her, this shop could not exist." From 1982, Gerrit was in the shop in the mornings and Ingrid took over in the afternoons. Ingrid: "Technology interests me, although I sometimes feel like a social worker. It happens that a customer is almost in tears. A man who is retired and can't manage his time and comes in here looking for a hobby." Gerrit: "Sometimes you see people looking into the shop window with eyes like saucers wondering what possesses grown-ups to play with model trains. They have no idea about the technology behind it. You have the people with the spaghetti track, who want as much track as possible, and you have the people who fully decorate a landscape. In the end, you recreate reality on a limited scale." Gerrit points to a box in the corridor. "That package is ready for Amsterdam, but I get orders from Australia to Britain.

Controlling trains via your mobile phone

Everyone is on all media these days. Collectors know exactly when something new comes out. Digital is totally the trend. You can control trains via your mobile phone with wifi." Ingrid: "When a child wants to start a train track, an adult has to help. We are happy with grandpas who do that. I myself have a box full of Mini Trix but I don't have time for it at all!" Gerrit: "Every customer has his story. For years we helped two retired ladies with their train layout. They were well into their eighties and had to play with dolls as children, which they hated. Now they were making their own model railway. Since December, I have been retired myself, but I certainly don't need to look for a hobby!"

New colours for Hobbyshop Modelbouw

In the summer of 2021, we updated our premises with new, fresh and modern colours.

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